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Things You Should Know

I’d love to write more blog posts, keeping you glued to your seats with drip fed news of what we’re up to and got planned. Sadly we’re generally to busy doing them to get round to it, so i thought i’d just take a moment to update you as to what we’ve got sketched out for the next couple of months. Maybe they’ll get an exciting blog post of their own in time, for internet historians to chew over in the future. Or maybe they’ll just happen and you’ll either be there to experience it or you won’t.

It’s almost over i know but it’s worth mentioning that…

WOODERSON have finished mastering their first album entitled “Let The Man Speak” ready for release on BOMBED OUT RECORDS and ART FOR BLIND in the early summer. Hopefully we’ll get involved with a limited cassette.

ELK have been recording what will hopefully turn into an album with Karl from Queens Ark in Manchester.

B>E>A>K are threatening to record the 3rd part of their “Life Of Birds” series real soon. Hopefully we’ll have something to do with/bring you in the future.

CHE GA ZEBRA’s debut ep “Business Never Stops” is finished and up for free download here

*GIG* Thursday 28th = Che Ga Zebra – Longest Serving Understudies – Unquiet Desperation @ The Washington. Event link is here


Shaping up to be a busy month featuring…

NEW FREE DOWNLOAD of a one off EP by a mysterious project, who count members of Nasdaq and Spy Versus Spy among their numbers.

TRANS/HUMAN are to finish mixing their latest recording entitled “Nigel Strobier’s Clothier Dub” ready for release in May.

THE ROYAL HOUSE OF CHOKE 12″ will finally be released on limited vinyl, including screen printed cover and photobook/dvd. Recorded last year at The Victoria Baths in Manchester it’s been a long time coming but we just wanted to get it absolutely right. Streaming version and pre-orders will be up asap.

HORSES and THEE CUSS WORDS cassette will finally see the light of day after mixing was finished last week. Estimated at a limited run of 50-100. Pre-order/streaming up soon.

TOUCANS to record new cassette potentially for a split with London based KEEL HER


Sun 8th = ASS #4 – Etai Keshiki – Ace Bushy Striptease – The Middle Ones – MDP @ The Audacious Space, Harwood Street. Event link is here This is also the last chance to see John Ledger’s exhibition so if you haven’t been to check it out yet get on down.

Sat 14th = Champion Lover + Loads more @ The Audacious Space, Harwood Street.

Sat 28th = A.K.A.B. (Audacious Kommunity Aktion Bunker) @ The Audacious Space, more details soon…


TRANS/HUMAN will head out to France on tour in support of their new release, confirmed dates coming real soon. After that they’ll be touring the UK with BLOOD SPORT through out June. If you can help out with a gig get in touch.

That about clears the backlog for now, it’s worth mentioning we’ll be hosting an entire weekend of music and performance at The Audacious Space for Tramlines Festival in July, but thats a whole other headache right now.

In a bit.

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