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Tramlines at Audacious: Trubble’s Coming Home


Our mischevious mascot Trubble Brewing is back out of prison again, and we’re throwing him a party. It also happens to be Tramlines the same weekend.


So, looks like Audacious Tramlines is back. We’re really excited to get back in the fold after we spent far too many years ‘having a break’ from the wild scenes of Nope, Mazes, Championlover et all all those years ago.

The weekend is a mix of some wild experimental fun, glorious guitar bands and then a descent into madness for the night-times. We’re going to be doing installations, there’ll be performance art and all the usual chaos. We’ll also be doing a SOFTBOI bar where you can get non-booze across the day for donations.

Tickets will be cheap and we’ll do some advance tickets soon.





Loic & the Tojamura – 7pm

Road weary adventure songs cascading from the cosmos of dimly lit bars, from one of TAAE’s prime staple cuts, for fans of Waits, Weights and Thwaites. Loic will be joined by his usual rotating band of miscreants.

James Ewan Tait – 7.45pm

Weirdo crooner croons weirdly, 3 amps at 90 degree angles. Haunting soundscapes around which he weaves his wistful guitar lines and unmistakable croon. Real solid schmooze.

Precious Metals – 8.45pm

NEW BAND ALERT – Precious Metals haven’t been around long but they’ve already had a solid geological impact. Surf pop – waves gently lapping against revealed nuggets of gold.

Sleep Terminal – 9.30pm

Noisy garage rock meets post-punk from TAAE in-house big guys on solid instruments. TAAE EP ‘Lizard Brain Decision’ was a TOP HIT – come SEE!

Liines – 10.15pm

Manchester-based trio combining post-punk and Olympia riot grrrl in their infectious, riff-heavy songs. Brilliant – driving and strident.” The Quietus

Black Midi – 11pm

Taut, taught, smartly dressed and smart post-punk/precise rock music from an extremely hotly tipped fourpiece from THAT THERE LONDON. Very odd, totally suitable, sometimes makes me feel like Girl Band but with a significantly better name and a little less macho.

Guttersnipe – midnight

Complete and utter onslaught of bright colours, shreiking noise and drill-and-bass-speed-kaleidoscope of sound. Synth triggered drums from one of the finest experimental drummers in Yorkshire, and glorious, glorious shred from Gretchen queen of shred.


MUTUALISM & TAAE PRESENT ‘Shut Up Mum You Can’t Even Ground Me’ (1AM+)

[Goths welcome and encouraged]

Isis Moray (Live) – 1am

Self proclaimed ‘Dark Feminist Techno Bitch’, and an absolute favourite of ours at TAAE. Utilising various hardware boxes and vocal processors, she creates a hypnotising blend of electronic melodies, ranging from deep, dark ambience, to more hard and rugged techno.

Yo Dynamo (Live) – 1.35am

Fully in the fold of Sheffield’s amazing heritage for taut, muscular but effeminate DANCE MUSIC performed on LIVE INSTRUMENTS. Bass, drums, a great and yelping vocal range. FFO of Chakk, Clock DVA, maybe even Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel.

Mutualism [BFTT b2b MichaelBrailey] – 1.50am

Mutualism is a collective of artists and musicians in the North West working to build a sustainable, inclusive environment in which people are able to make and perform work. Our aim is to create a platform made by artists for artists to facilitate & encourage one another’s creativity without the pressure of compromise.
On our offering to The Audacious Art Experiment’s Tramlines party, we’ll be bringing two of our resident DJs, BFTT [Tobago Tracks] and Clemency [NTS] alongside a collective favourite, composer and DJ MICHAELBRAILEY [VIRTUALLYREALITY]. Prepped from parties appearing alongside such as Visionist, Renick Bell, Helix and Anz, we’ll be bringing sets across the club spectrum. Check us out at, or us individually at and

Force Majeure Residents – 2.50am

Residents from a night exploring the outer reaches of grime and club music. Good chance of some harsh disintegrated techno.

Mutualism [Clemency] – 3.35am

See above. TRUBBLES TOP PICK!!!!1!1

Heavy Lifting (Live) – 4.20am

Live coded, splintering techno/EBM/electronic wildness, fully primed for legs and feet and featuring plentiful samples of coughs, paper tearing, and skeletor. An absolutely amazing artist who we’re glad to finally get playing at a completely anti-social hour (sorry Lucy) – recently featured on BBC Radio 3’s exposure.

CCAI (Live) – 4.50am

More from the Algorave set – Alex McLean (Yaxu) and Damu make shuddering techno, recently seen all over the internet and supporting Helena Hauff, Pedar Mannefelt and more at Hope Works. Alex wrote the bloody program as well.

Proteus – 5.20am

Proteus returns to the Steel City for a rare hometown set. Expect only the finest and darkest EBM, industrial, techno, coldwave and minimal synth, unleashed from the vaults to summon the dying and the dead to dance till dawn.

I Pray For Death Whilst Vaping (2) – 6.15am

Capes, vapes and solid tunes from the Egui NITE-KLUB boys, on a special ox cart shipped over from FoodHall. Expect gabber, fresh katana blade smooth cuts of #future#music




Immersive Cleaning with Slug Milk, Sleepsang – 2pm

In a first for Audacious, we’ll be bringing in new community orientated sensory concept pieces. Come and get involved as we reset for the day, help wipe down a few surfaces, throw up on the surface, wipe it off again. Coffee will be made, fruit provided, come see the space and your own fragile body blossom to two of the most exciting new ambient/experimental electronic musicians coming through in Sheffield. Genuine request, if anyone is willing to bath themselves during Slug Milk’s performance he’s very keen to hear from you – contact

Mhenwhar Huws – 3pm

TRUBBLE’S TOP PICK It wouldn’t be an Audacious All-dayer without one experimental improv group – so, here we are – a brooding Glasgow four-piece of violin, viola, double bass and percussion. ‘playing with genres from post punk, new classical to free improvised music and drone/noise.’ Their recent live recordings release is a total earworm:

Live Film rescores with Nohrr, Paths. – 3.45pm

New hand meets old hand – two of our favourite spooker-musicians soundtracking some special films picked out by themselves (including Grim by Takashi Ito), continuing our early afternoon ‘relaxobooth-hellscape’. Paths is TAAE miscreant Nick Kilby and Nohrr is now a well known and loved feature on the arts circuit in Sheffield known for her amazing installation videos.

Colour of Spring – 4.30pm

It’s the first outing at Audacious Space for these ‘shoegaze connoisseurs’ out of Leeds; romance, longing and decay shimmer through a haze of reverb.

Handle – 5.15pm

NEW BAND ALERT – Giulio from DUDS has a new band, they’re called Handle. Very exciting prospect. What are they like? Who knows? Who cares? It’s not going to be a DUD that’s for sure. Dad leans back in easy chair, twirls werther’s original into air, catches in mouth and bites down shattering all teeth

Duck – 6pm

Solid, synth driven industrial punk / ‘wonky synth/guitar noisepop’ from the newest recruits to the Audacious fold. Great hair also. Recently soundtracked a short lo-fi horror film, v suitable, v fun.

Basic Switches Vs. Black Mirror – 6.45pm

Oh whoops, relaxobooth comes crashing down – two members of Blood Claat Orange, aka Hilary from Cowtown (ever heard of them?), and Basic Switches w/ Marcus of Algernon Cornelius (see below). Pummelling noise. You can fully wake up now.

Algernon Cornelius – 7.30pm

Prolific producer of lush and soulful beats, adept with boom bap or more trippy soundscapes. Check out his lo fi explorations on the Dock Heist Unit mixtape, sampling records from a trip to Havana, or the humid dubbed out Botanicals record.

Mayshe-Mayshe – 8.15pm

York/ Leeds based Mayshe-Mayshe imbues her dreamlike electronic pop with rich storytelling, skittering percussion and infectious melodies. Lyrics address mental health, spirituality, conflict, resolution and Moomins.

Protection Spells – 9.15pm

Real nice duo to expanding band – witchy dream-folk borne from mouldy flats, eventually living in london via minneapolis via worcester via elsewhere.

Mush – 10.15pm

Post-punk – yes – riding high on that wave of simple, great ‘MUSIC’ that is doing great at the moment. Great song titles – everything gels together, tight and regular but you get the impression that they could speed up and slow down like a Dr John swamp song and it could sound just as thrilling. Booze hound races down aisle 4 – for fans of Ought.



Special collab-mega-mix from our two LGBT Regular Clubnights Club Rush and Typical Queers


Tina & Crispin’s Bingoagogo – Couple’s Cruise Special (Live Bingo Experience)  – 11.15pm

It’s been a difficult year for daytime cruise TV’s former power couple Crispin and Tina Creme. Once the darlings of the octogenarian set, the fun and flirty couple’s marriage has suffered a painful and embarrassing breakup, resulting in multiple litigations, Hello magazine editorials and one meticulously divided breakfast bar. Usually you wouldn’t expect a couple going through a horrendous divorce to honour a Bingo booking – but these are PROFESSIONALS (and there are presumably legal bills to pay). So, grit your teeth, prepare your stubbers and buckle in for a whole host of fun as we play bingo – FOR PRIZES. Please do not mention the breakfast bar.

K-Dogg (Typical Queers) – midnight

Co-host with the co-most of one of our two regular LGBT club-nights Typical Queers will present a enticing mix of pounders and emo classics.

Alina (Live) – 12.45am

Last seen dripping in diamonds, effortlessly commanding the audience in a decaying 1920s cinema, Alina Ashlé’s luxurious, charismatic performances bring ballroom aesthetics and moving meditations on trans narratives, rounded out with solid gold hits.

Black Eyes (NTS) – 1.05am

Black Eyes, formerly known as Black, has booked a sweeping selection of artists such as Alexander Robotnik and John Heckle. “Forged in the flames of acid house,Black Eyes will lend himself nicely to our wee lil collab between our favourite regular late nights at Audacious. His monthly show ‘Lost Control’ on NTS Radio, in addition to the relentless event calendar has cemented himself in Manchester’s scene.

The Apples of Pain (Live) – 2.05am

Bizarro performance art from Jack Buckley involving backing tracks from mobile phone, drinking cans lying on the floor. Booked on the promise that it was ‘absolutely amazing last time and we have to get him to do it again’. WELL – LOOK WHERE WE ARE

The Modern Institute (Live) – 2.25am

Shapeshifting power duo from Golden Teacher stock with a total disregard of traditional methods of ‘the band playing on stage’. The first time I saw Laurie and Richard play, the former was in a football shirt, wraparounds and was only playing a whistle and single snare drum. Their ‘singer’ was projected onto a paddling pool full of smoke via skype. Who knows what’ll happen this time? Likely to be 180bpm and completely wild.

Typical Queers Residents – 3.10am

More fun from the team that brought you events such as SPRING FLING and more jocularity. Again, expect the CLASSICS and big tracks to swirl around to and make everyone spill their drinks.

Dean Helmet (Club Rush) – 4.10am

Outlander! This is the finest Italo-Disco I have laid eyes upon in all of Morrowind! Where did you source it? I will pay many gold coins for this! …  Leader of the Club Rush Guild will be joining us to perform an undoubtedly wonderful set of italo and beyond. Anyone who’s been to Club Rush will know that this is CeRtAinLy a TRUBBLES TOP PICK

Club Rush Residents 5.10am

See above – who knows what mysterious adventurers this outlander will bring with him?



Cheap entry, BYOB.


♥ Welcome home trubble ♥

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