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Trans/Human – The AMRL v.2 {beta} Tour

AMRL v.2

In June of this year, Trans/Human slipped off on an expedition around eastern Europe, to conduct an AMRL tour that sought to gather more recordings for their archives. The Audacious Mobile Research Library (AMRL) is a Trans/Media environment where frequencies, signals, energies and other data is collected, manipulated and re-transmitted. On this trip, Trans/Human aimed to play impromptu open air performances and thanks to the wonderful people of the Czech Rep, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia, they were also able to play some regular shows to help fund the jaunt.

A lot of stuff got recorded, a lot didn’t. Some of what did is now available to stream below, via the bands soundcloud archive. ‘The Dog Note’ and ‘Tunnelling Beneath Zizkov’ are two live performance recordings from a five day stay in Prague.

During their three week trip, Trans/Human also experimented with creating visual work, which they would later use in rapidly assembled installation environments. The first successful attempt at this came good in Budapest, at the incredible Muszi establishment. Over an eight hour period, Adam and Luke created a ‘Substation’ of live radio frequencies, sonic vibrations, projected visuals and interactive wired sculptures, which they would later conduct into an hour long performance. A video entitled ‘Buddha Train’, which was made using footage and VLF/VHF recordings of the train to Budapest, can be viewed below, as well as some images from the night itself.



After a quick stop at the fantastic Inex Film Social Centre in Belgrade, Trans/Human hooked up with Bosnian harsh noise artist Smrznik for a series of shows in Sarajevo, Mostar and Pag Island in Croatia. Smrznik plays incredibly static harsh noise on a homemade instrument he calls ‘Throatbane’ and you can check his website for downloads and comics here.

Trans/Human playing Pag Island

Having now safely returned to their own personal zones in Gateshead and Baggio, Italy, Trans/Human will be dripping out more collected data over the next six months, in various audio/visual formats and installs. They plan to head back out on the road again in time for October and would love to hear from you if you would like to engage in one of their performances.

Feel free to ask for them via or over on their personal channel

Keep on modulating.

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