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Trans/Human – The AMRL v.4 Residency @ Aparaaditehas – Oct ’15

From the 30th September until the 14th October Trans/Human will be resuming operations and experiments for their AMRL project, traveling through Latvia and Estonia to undertake a two week residency at the Aparaaditehas social space in Tartu.

The AMRL is a Trans/Media environment through which frequencies, signals and data are collected, manipulated and re-transmitted. The v.4 project will map this resultant data into new environments, zones and locations via a mutating audio server installation. As Trans/Human collect, research and perform in the area, they will broadcast directly into a centralised computer, communicating with the server as it attempts to reconfigure the data received into constantly shifting forms of audio. Specifically archiving and contextualising T/H’s attempts to explore, distil and dissect the ‘abstract finance’ of European financial zones and their implied psychic territory. The AMRL is a project on/of the move.

Trans Crop 01

During the fortnight they will also travel to Tallinn to construct a performance installation at MIMstuudio. Drawing on the time spent in and around Tartu, aswell as the journey to Tallinn, Trans/Human aim to temporarily link these two ‘places’ through a direct, reciprocal broadcast installation. They will also be beaming out a series of broadcast performances to the UK based internet radio gallery Sonica Found Music™ aswell as feeding imagery into Fuse Art Space’s Instagram account.

Trans/Human and The AMRL v.4 currently operate outside of regular arts funding channels. For this trip they will be opening up a web portal to exhibit sections of the audio and visual work created during the residency and asking for monetary contributions. Participating donors will reveal transparent accounts of where finances are spent, mailouts containing automap co-ordinates, live stream notifications and access to audio server stockpiles. If you would like to make a contribution towards the projects continued existence and development, please do so via their channel, Reception Networks.

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MIMstuudio Performance 10th October
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