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Watch: Jim Ghedi Performs ‘Le Botanique Chante La Maison’ in Spiritual Womb

Brother Jim Ghedi remains one of the fairest winds to ever blow through the rattling doors of our dusty little treehouse. Since his first appearance on rugs with MLK poetry, to his expansive debut release ‘Destroy All Your Earthly Possessions’, Jim has continued to push the boundaries of his guitar playing and freeform compositional style, whilst endearing heartfelt compliance from even the most hardened of spiritual sceptics in the audience.

On his latest full length ‘Home Is Where I Exist, Now To Live And Die’ released November 4th via Wales based Cambrian Records, we get a glimpse of a man attempting to reconnect with home after time spent living in Brussels. Flitting between intimate living room performances up and down the country and a jaw dropping virtuoso set at Sheffield cathedral for this year’s Tramlines festival, Ghedi has honed his rambling poetic songwriting into a refined dominance of finger picked guitar style and expression. Documented in the video above, TAAE’s self-confessed Nature Man offers up an insight into his time spent writing within our walls, noodling away in casual conversation with his best pals wood and bronze, eagerly attempting to explain the root of his recent upheavals with mere tone alone.

Suitably readied by his recent spell in the space, Jim will spend the majority of autumn on the road once again. Taking in a scenic tour of the British Isles with fellow Cambrian artist, Toby Hay. If you’re as keen as we are to wish him good road and happy trials, you can grab an eyeful of his itinerary below as well as a free download of ‘Le Botanique Chante La Maison’.

You can also preorder a copy of his full LP over HERE

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