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Wooderson Album Now In Stock.

A small slice of great news; today a batch of Wooderson records turned up at The Audacious Space, and as such are now available to hear and purchase.

Let The Man Speak is the Wooderson boys’ first LP and is the end product of years of hard graft. It has to be said we are all over joyed, to say the absolute least. It looks stunning and is currently emanating the scent of a freshly pressed, inky sleeve.

The album is out on Bombed Out Records and Art For Blind. It comes in a limited edition green vinyl as well as your basic, casual black, and is also available on CD. The 12” also come with a download code for your home PC or laptop, and is just fantastic.

If you want a physical copy you can easily buy it from our web-store for £8.50 a vinyl or £6 for a compact disc. If you just want to download it but don’t mind paying, then your best bet is to get it from Wooderson’s Bandcamp.

If this post sounds a little formal then you can lighten your mood by watching this classic scene from Robin Hood, Prince of Theives, starring Wooderson fan, Kevin Costner.

I said good day, sir.

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