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Wooderson Are In Mint Condition

Feels a little strange not having anything physical to do with the upcoming Wooderson album, especially as a while back they were the only living band left on the label. To be honest if it wasn’t for their youthful enthusiasm at the time, i’d have shut up shop a long time ago and settled into a life free of emails and lifting hundreds of brown boxes up and down stairs every time i moved house. They took on the role of eldest son in the audacious family with immense pride, got themselves out and about earning their own keep and were always around to lend a hand with the dishes when things got a bit messy. Like all children though, they eventually grow into adults and fly the nest. We’ll not miss giving them their pocket money but the house will be weirdly quieter without them. One thing you can count on though is us always showing off pictures and video’s to the neighbors and saying “Look what my boys did this weekend!”.

Wooderson – Mint Condition is available for free download single now. The album entitled “Let The Man Speak” is due out in the summer on Bombed Out Records and Art For Blind.

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Bombed Out Records
Art For Blind

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