Vanessa Feltz once wrote in the sectarian newspaper The Daily Mail:

“Wooderson are the evil that lurks on the shop fronts of every town in this country. They’re the kids that trod on the back of your shoes as you walked home from school, pausing only to hear your plea for mercy before kicking your lunch box across the green like a ’94 issue coca cola football”.

In parts I agree with Vannesa and generally wish they weren’t my friends, but like the smell of your farts or the town on your birth certificate, they are what they are and they’re never going to change.


Demo 2011, May 2011
[wp_bandcamp_player ID=1022962804 bgcol=FFFFFF link_color=9B4D99 size=venti]

EP, February 2010
[wp_bandcamp_player ID=289420678 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

Split 7″ w​/​Ox Scapula, January 2009
[wp_bandcamp_player ID=3502097546 bgcol=FFFFFF link_color=9B4D99 size=venti]

Demo, March 2008
[wp_bandcamp_player ID=3678088123 bgcol=FFFFFF link_color=9B4D99 size=venti]

Too Many Questions by Wooderson

For updates on the seedy goings on in Wooderson’s basement, check out their website.

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