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You’ve Changed Your Tune


Well January came and went at a pretty constant grueling pace. Apparently it snowed and the country ground to a halt. Although i’ve got a feeling it was just the tabloids tapping the social beehive again, like all that swine flu no one ever got. Our gig at the Stockroom was a real hoot, thanks to everyone who came down, bought a drink and nodded yer head. All the bands were silk cut. Keep your nose in the air for them all playing a watering hole near you over the next few months. Wagons a rollin.

February look as though it’s gonna be just as busy with some mint stuff on the horizon. If you’ll permit me, i’ll bend your eyes and ears about it for the next 63 lines or so.

After about 4 months, a few trips to Leeds and a wiped hard drive, Wooderson’s latest recording is finally finished. It comes in the form of an EP and will be released in the next month or so. Matt from Sea Owl Recordings did the deed on the knobs and will be putting it out on tape after the success of the previous Ox Scapula release, which has now all but sold out. In the meantime, Wooderson have put together their own CD version which you’ll be able to buy this week if you’re off to any of their gigs with Crash Of Rhinos. Limited to 100 copies and with artwork by Andrew Maughan (Nice One) i can’t see it sticking around long. If you’ve gotta stop in and look after your cat this weekend you can treat yourself to the whole thing on Last FM. Meow.

Wooderson and Crash Of Rhinos Tour Dates
Wooderson EP on Last FM
Sea Owl


Thought i’d take the time to give you an early heads up on these rascals this month. Za! are from Barcelona and we’ve managed to convince them that heading over to England in spring might be good idea. They’re made up of just two people, Papa Dupau (guitar, trumpet, kalimba, percussion, voice) and Spazzfrica Ehd (drums, keyboards, drum machine, clarinet, voice) and make one hell of a fucking racket. You could shelve their sound somewhere between the Lighting Bolt, Hella section of your record collection and the NY Boogaloo vinyls you bought during the happier, more soulful moments of your last failed relationship. As with most bands coming out of that area of Spain at the moment, their own culture, rhythms and language is brought right to the front and smashes you up against the wall. You’d run away if the bass wasn’t loosening your muscles and making your arse swing side to side. After a while you give up, undo your top button, pour beer on the person next to you and dance as if your life depended on it.


30th Mar – Help
31st Mar – Sheffield
1st Apr – Sunderland
2nd Apr – Help
3rd Apr – London

Za! space
Za! FM
Acuarela Discos


Now this is a treat. On Sunday 21st Feb Brown Owl (otherwise known as Darren Topliss) will be having a bit of an exhibition, featuring the mass of gig posters he has designed for gigs and events in Sheffield. On show will be a collection of screened and digital prints as well as some limited edition glow in the dark versions. Chances are if you’ve left the house over the last few years and you look up instead of sulking at your mucky trainers, one of Brown Owls posters will have jumped out and given your eyes something to chew on. He’s done posters for countless promoters, collectives and events all over the city and if this goes well we can only imagine they’ll be a lot more to come.

The exhibition is taking place at the Forum bar on Sunday 21st of February from 7pm to 1am with FREE entry. DJs will be playing some of them records your dad always bangs on about.

Nocturnal Event Link


Rumour has it on the production lines that Elk are getting set to record something this march. Further investigation into the mutterings confirmed that Karl from A Middle Sex will be cracking out his 8 track and collection of mic’d up pringles tins to perform the feat. More on that when we get it but if you’re thinking of going to Bradford v Grimsby tomorrow then i’d suggest popping along to the Fenton in Leeds afterwards to catch them with Bilge Pump and Coal Train. These lot playing together seems to becoming a wonderful habit.


I’m about out of ideas for now. If you want anything else to do soon you’ll have to figure it out for yourself. Have a February and i’ll meet you by the daffodils come March.

T-ra T-ra,

*Header photo by James Beresford*

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