Renowned for their electrifying live shows and last seen at the TAAE 10th birthday party in Sheffield 2013, we’re seriously smitten to once again be diverting the colourful Catalan megaflow towards the shores of our humble grey isle. This time in support of their latest release LOLOISMO.

Two years after releasing WANANANAI (Rockdelux’s Album of 2013), ZA! present a record that defies many conventions, even their own. The title LOLOISMO comes from ‘Loloiza’, the Spanish phrase for the chants that echo out from football fields, where often the collective act of singing holds more value than the lyrics. The only premise the band set themselves was to avoid repetition of songs. To accomplish this, Spazzfrica Ehd (drums/keyboards/vocals) and Papadupau (guitar/trumpet/samples/vocals) have explored new genres and tried new ways of playing and filtering their instruments. The result is ten hits, ten individual worlds that continue to evolve with each listen.

There is no set style: industrial meets dubstep, hip hop, clicks n’cuts electronic music, math-rock. Diversity is key, from the old-shool hardcore clichés to Asian, Arabic or invented landscapes, sometimes sampling live guitar, sometimes passing the whole drumkit through the amplifiers.

ZA! call it “Loloizable experimental music with a chorus”, because until LOLOISMO the band’s lyrics had never evolved beyond a concept or a single word. As expected, these newly unearthed lyrics match with the experimental language of music, with repetitions, encrypted metrics and neologisms. The will is always to “loloize” rather than to pontifícate; to sing freely, collectively, and in tune with the Halfmighty Silly Sister of Wisdom. Za! are musical Esperanto and fireworks. A statement of freedom, proving experimental music can be euphoric, intense, fun, head banging and even danceable sometimes. The perfect craziness.

Releases available to buy/hear

Taken from Loloismo – Released in the UK on 29th Jan 2016 on 200 limited 12″.

Released in the UK on 1st May 2013 on 100 limited 12″ & golden 10″ combo.



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